Tracker Dogs

Text: Heather Hammonds

Series consultant: Annette Smith

Editor: Rochelle Ransom

Designer: Karen Mayo

Series Designer: Karen Mayo

Illustrations: Elizabeth Botté

Photo Researcher: Lisa Piemonte

Voice Artist: Rebecca Kristanto

eBook Layout: Sarah Ensor

Sound Engineer: New Village Studios

Production Controller: Erin Dowling


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12; AP Photo/Stephen Chernin: screen 11; Corbis/David Brabyn:

screen 15; Getty Images: screen 13; Davidson:

screen 9 (bottom); Newspix/Jim Trifyllis: screen 10;

Photolibrary/MAURO FERMARIELLO: screen 14.

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Originally published in Australia in 2009

Text © 2009 Heather Hammonds

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